Professional and conscientious.

Qualifications – you can really rely on

Anyone can call themselves an “interpreter“ or “translator“, but the degree qualifications of Norma Keßler and Martina Wieser testify to a thorough training that combines practical translation or interpretation skills, language theory and specialist subject knowledge.

A professional association – hallmark of quality

Professional associations set high quality standards through their rigorous membership conditions. Norma Keßler and Martina Wieser are Members of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ). Martina Wieser is also a full Member of the VKD, the Association of Conference Interpreters in the BDÜ, for which conditions of acceptance include 200 working days as a conference interpreter.

Code of professional ethics – a must

Members of the professional association are bound to observe its code of professional ethics. This means we are bound to act according to the principles of professional behaviour, maintaining confidentiality, fairness and transparency towards our clients at all times.

High standards. Which we meet – every time.

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