Conference equipment

Conference equipment from professional providers.

For a multilingual conference you need not just a team of professional interpreters but suitable technical equipment.

Sound system

Simultaneous interpretation is only possible with the right technical systems. This includes a simultaneous interpretation system, microphones (clip-on, hand-held and table-top microphones), the sound system and headsets and receivers for participants.

Interpreter booths

Conference interpreters work in sound-proof booths. These must be located so they have a clear line of sight to the speakers and projection screens.

Engineer in attendance

It is important to check before the event that any existing sound system is compatible with the simultaneous interpretation system. A sound engineer responsible for the simultaneous system is in attendance throughout the event.

We shall be happy to co-ordinate the engineering systems according to your requirements.

Systems are not the be-all and end-all but they are indispensable.

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