Tips for speakers

The interpreter. Your communicator.

A hotline to the speaker

The demand on every professional interpreter is to convey the speaker’s message as fully and effectively as possible in the other language. This requires a battery of skills including good co-ordination between speaker and interpreter.

Grasping the thread

The second the speaker begins talking, the interpreter’s brain moves into gear picking up the thread of ideas. Not so much a matter of individual words, it’s the message that counts and he translates it in the same breath into the other language.

… we follow you

If the interpreter is to follow the thread of ideas and information in detail, he must not only be quick on the uptake with highly developed anticipatory instincts and linguistic competence, he must also have a sound understanding of what the event is about.

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The clearer your message, the more precise the translation

into the language of your audience.

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